Dollar Tree: What I buy and what I don’t buy

Hi! It’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted on my blog. I don’t think I posted anything during the entire year of 2015. Last year was a very very hard year for our family. But for now, I’m back. I can’t guarantee how often I’ll post but I’ll try to do better.

I’m sure many of you have seen several posts on the Internet of what to buy and what not to buy at Dollar Tree. I have read many of them. However, I want to post what items I PERSONALLY buy and don’t buy there. Yes, there will be some overlap with what others say to buy or not buy. Some things are just a great deal for everyone! So if you’re curious what items I like to get from The Dollar Tree then here we go!

What items I like to buy at Dollar Tree:

1. Balloons- You can’t find a better deal on foil balloons than at Dollar Tree. I have been to several other stores where the balloons cost $2 or more. One local dollar store I went to charged $1 for the balloon and an additional $1 for the helium. Dollar Tree sells the balloon WITH the helium for $1. I like that they have a good variety of balloons there as well.

2. Greeting Cards- I don’t know about you but I just can’t bring myself to pay $5 for a card that someone may potentially throw away. So I get all my cards at Dollar Tree where they are $0.50. (Beware that SOME cards there are $1. So only look at the $0.50 cards.).

3. Double Stick Tape- I haven’t found double stick tape anywhere for less than $1 so this is where I buy this tape. I prefer the Scotch brand to the off brand but Dollar Tree does sell both.

4. Plastic Silverware- I am not a fan of plastic items as many of them contain harmful chemicals. However, a few times a year we need plastic utensils for birthday parties etc. Dollar Tree has the best deal on them. They have many colors to choose from too. I’ll add here that the party supplies are a good deal for $1 but not always the BEST deal as I have gotten party items cheaper at Walmart and sometimes you can find them at other various places (Target, Party City, etc.) on clearance for an even better deal.

5. Picture Frames- You can’t beat picture frames for $1 (unless you find them at the thrift store or a yard sale) so this is usually where I get them. Granted the quality isn’t AMAZING but if it’s hanging on a wall or sitting on a shelf you usually can’t tell. If I’m looking for a unique good quality frame I’ll check out Hobby Lobby where they are always 50% off.

6. Pregnancy Tests- Since I’m 30 weeks pregnant currently I obviously haven’t needed pregnancy tests for a while. However, I used Dollar Tree tests for my last 3 pregnancies and they have ALWAYS been accurate for me and $1 is a GREAT price. I have only seen them cheaper than $1 a few times (I think Walmart may have some for $0.88 and some CVS stores sell them for $1 and you can always use a coupon on them to get them cheaper).

7. Batteries- Dollar Tree sells 4 packs of (AA and AAA) for $1. They are Sunbeam brand and have worked ok for us. It’s hard to find batteries cheaper than $1. Sometimes Ingles puts Rayovac on sale for $1 and if you have a $1 coupon you can get them free (I used to do that often but it’s a farther drive for me than Dollar Tree). Also if you have an IKEA nearby (I don’t) their batteries are a good price as well.

8. Q-Tips- I always buy my Q-tips at Dollar Tree. They sell 350 count packs for $1. I would LOVE to be able to afford organic cotton Q-tips (as cotton is HIGHLY sprayed with pesticides) but for now I can’t. So Dollar Tree it is.

9. Seasonal Decor- Some of the seasonal items may be somewhat tacky but you can usually find some cute things there during holidays. My kids love snow globes so I usually get them one for every holiday and you can’t beat $1. I would love to be able to afford to get all my decor from Hobby Lobby but my wallet keeps directing me back to Dollar Tree.


10. Photo Paper- I recently discovered that Dollar Tree sells photo paper. I purchased a 20 pack of 4×6 paper and an 8 pack of 8×10 paper. However, I have not tried them yet. Let me know if you have and if you like it (it’s Polaroid brand). I have yet to find any 5×7 photo paper though. Has anyone seen that size at a Dollar Tree?

Things I do NOT buy at Dollar Tree:

1. Most Plastic Items (like toys etc.)- I try to avoid plastic from Dollar Tree as often as I can as there have been reports of many items containing harmful chemicals like phthalates. So best to just avoid these kinds of items

2. Toothpaste- I have seen several posts saying toothpaste is a great item to buy at Dollar Tree. I don’t buy it. Why? Because the only toothpastes I have ever seen there are full of junk and chemicals that I don’t want in my body (Fluoride, SLS, Triclosan, etc.). We choose to use natural toothpastes like Kiss My Face, XyliWhite, Earth Paste, etc.

3. Food Items- I do not purchase any food items at Dollar Tree as most of them are processed and full of junk. I also don’t trust many of the food items I have seen (Yes I have literally seen steak there for $1!!!!!). We purchase mostly organic foods anyways so I just avoid even looking at the food section at Dollar Tree.

4. Make Up/Nail Polish/Sunscreen/Body Care Products- I do no buy ANY of these items at Dollar Tree as most (if not all) of them contain chemicals I don’t want to knowingly put on my body (parabens etc.). I prefer to buy natural items or make my own at home. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have natural body care items. Don’t risk it by getting these things at Dollar Tree.

5. School Supplies- School Supplies can be found much cheaper at other stores ESPECIALLY during back to school times. Staples and Office Depot often sell school supplies for $0.01-$0.25 during those times and I stock up then. Sometimes the office supply stores have things for FREE with easy rebate (printer paper etc.) so I grab those items when they are free. Even Dollar Tree can’t beat that! *Side note- I rarely buy craft supplies at Dollar Tree as they can often be found cheaper than $1 at stores like Target and Walmart. Also the quality isn’t usually all that great (I’ve seen dried up paint there etc). I do sometimes buy items like puzzles, stickers, and coloring books there.

6. Tools- You get what you pay for. We got screwdrivers there once. Enough said.




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