Target Prices for Target’s Prices

In my last post we discussed the new(ish) Simply Nature line at Aldi. In this post I’d like to talk about the Simply Balanced line at Target. This is a pretty new line that started at Target this past year. The neat thing about the items in this line is that they go on sale ALL THE TIME. And there are pretty much coupons for these items ALL THE TIME. So that makes for some great deals. Many of the Simply Balanced items are organic (40% of the items are organic) and by the end of 2014 all of the Simply Balanced items are supposed to be GMO free! Exciting!

Side note: Even though Target sells produce now, I still don’t find any great deals and rarely any organic items (except salad. Please correct me if you’ve seen other organic produce). I get bananas there once in a while, but that’s about it for produce.

I have tried many of the Simply Balanced items from Target and so far love them all. I am personally excited about this line because our house is super close to Target. I mean super close. So if I run out of something and need it quickly, Target is my go-to store. Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Earth Fare are not very close to me, so it’s nice I can still get some decent items without using much gas at all.

Got all this stuff at Target for $14 back in September.

Got all this stuff at Target for $14 back in September. That bag of salmon sells for $13 normally!

Always check for store coupons. There are almost always coupons for Simply Balanced eggs, fruit strips, tortilla chips, frozen seafood, etc. Also download the Target app because they have mobile coupons as well.

Back in September my husband turned 30 and I threw him a big party. We had a nacho bar at the party and it was perfect because I got 4 bags of organic tortilla chips a couple weeks before for $1.57 out of pocket ($0.40 a bag!). I ended up going back for 4 more bags. The frozen salmon is great. In fact, I just bought a bag this past week. It’s wild caught from the USA and normally sells for $12.99. With sales and coupons I paid $7.60. GREAT deal. I think the organic, cage free eggs were about $3.31 (not bad) . I believe I paid $2.85 for the organic chai tea and it is SUPER yummy. 🙂 Love hot tea!

IMG_8171Our whole family loves these organic fruit strips and they are nice to have when you need a little something sweet (which happens to me more than I’d like to admit). There is usually a $1.25 off printable store coupon and usually a Cartwheel coupon as well. What is Cartwheel you ask? It’s a way to get additional savings at Target. You can download the app or just sign up on your computer and print the bar code. Click here for more info on how to use Cartwheel. Target allows you to use a manufacturer coupon, a Target store coupon (either printable or mobile), and a Cartwheel discount (That’s 3 discounts on 1 item!!). This makes for some awesome deals (even better if you have a Red Card and save an additional 5%!). I usually pay about $1.18 for a box of fruit strips. Right now there are 20 cartwheel deals for Simply Balanced products!

I’m hoping that Target plans to expand the Simply Balanced line and bring in even more items.

I have recently noticed other natural brands at Target that I did want to mention. One is Applegate. They sell organic and natural meats (lunch meat, hot dogs, bacon, chicken nuggets etc.) and cheeses. Their prices are pretty good at Target! Add in a couple of coupons and you really have a good deal!

Recently got this ham and cheese for $2.42 each after coupon, cartwheel, and Target red card.

Recently got this ham and cheese for $2.42 each after coupon, cartwheel, and Target red card.

Another great brand at Target is Annie’s. Right now Annie’s mac and cheese is $1.25 each and B4G1 so it makes them $1 each. Great deal! Other brands to look out for are Amy’s, Evol, Nature’s Path, and Barbara’s (Please still read ingredients. Not all varieties are good). And for baby items keep your eyes open for Plum Kids, Happy Baby, Earth’s Best, and Ella’s Kitchen. They have some great products as well. 🙂 And they often go on sale and have coupons. Any other tips or good deals you’ve seen at Target? Let me know!

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2 Responses to Target Prices for Target’s Prices

  1. Judy says:

    You have to be careful about Mom’s Best – unless you get organic varieties, their cereals probably contain GMO’s. They even state that on their own website. :/ Thankfully, Barbara’s is close to ridding all their products of GMO’s.

    I enjoy your blogs! 🙂

    • erindallison says:

      Oh no. Thanks for letting me know. I will remove that brand. I have never actually purchased it before but saw it at Target and it looked a little better than the other stuff but I should have researched that one before adding it. Thank you for telling me! I’m glad you like my blog posts! 🙂

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