Aldi for Organics?!

Hi folks! Once again it’s been over 2 months since I’ve posted. Agh! I’m doing terrible at this blogging thing. I’m so sorry! I’m going to try to do better this year. I don’t make “resolutions” but I promise to post more often in 2014 then I did in 2013. 😉 Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. We surely did. God has greatly blessed us.

Ok now what about Aldi? The reason I’m writing this post is because this past week I stopped into Aldi for some organic apples and bananas (at a great price!) and I realized that they are getting more and more organic items! So I wanted to write up a post for those of you who have been trying to shop for healthier and/or non-GMO items without breaking the bank (or taking time to make every single thing from scratch).

I’ve done a short post before on Trader Joe’s when we first started shopping there back in April 2013. However, Trader Joe’s sister store, Aldi has been getting better now that they have introduced their Simply Nature line. You can read more about how the 2 stores are related here and here.


I first noticed the organic items at Aldi back in September when I ran in for a few things. I meant to do a post back then. But I didn’t. So here I am now. I’m mainly posting this so you can see the prices (and be shocked at how good some of them are). I have not tried every one of these items but the ones I have tried have been good. Also, remember that even though some things are organic you still need to read labels! The organic chicken broth contains hidden MSG (yeast extract) so definitely avoid that!!!


Aldi also has a few other items that are not organic, but still decent items at a good price. This post is going to be an overview of some of their prices. You’re welcome. 🙂


The Aldi brand of almond milk is a good price if Silk is not on sale and you can’t find coupons. I usually get the Silk equivalent of this at Publix for $0.75-$1 with a sale and coupon(s) (regular price $3.19). Trader Joe’s sells their brand for $2.99.


And remember that just because it’s Aldi doesn’t always mean it’s cheaper. Their 5 oz. container of organic baby spinach is $2.49. Trader Joe’s sells 6 oz. bags of organic baby spinach for $1.99. So TJ for the win on spinach (and boy does my 3 year old love baby spinach!)!


This is a fantastic price for organic butter! Everywhere else it’s around $5 (it’s $4.79 at Trader Joe’s).


Please excuse the terrible quality of this picture but I wanted to mention that I’m excited that Aldi sells organic produce. They don’t have much variety but the prices are great. I got organic Fuji apples there this past week for $1.15/lb. (vs. $1.25/lb at TJ). I got organic bananas for $0.59/lb (same price as Bi-lo’s non-organic). I also got a bag of organic baby carrots for $1.49. The prices for their produce are always changing so check to see what’s on sale when you go!


This is obviously not a food item but their 45 count kitchen trash bags are only $4.99 and I just finished a box of them (lasted 3 months!) and I can say that they are good trash bags at a decent price. So just in case you were interested… 🙂


Here is the ad that is starting next Wednesday. $3.19 for 12 oz of organic honey is a great price. And I’ve tried it. It’s good (though local raw is better). I’ve also tried the organic aged balsamic vinaigrette and it’s pretty good (especially for $1.99). Notice in the bottom right hand corner the Wednesday special meat buy. $4.49/lb for organic grass fed beef (85/15) is fantastic! It sells for around $7/lb (or more!) at other stores. I have purchased this ground beef before and we like it and plan to get some next week. 🙂 Just be aware that they may limit you. Last time the Wade Hampton location had a sign with limit of one pound per person (although I got 3 pounds with no problem. Could have been because I had my 2 kids with me so technically we had 3 people).


We hardly ever buy frozen pizza (because we make our own) but I would like to try the organic spinach and feta pizza. $3.99 is a good price because I paid $5 for a Publix Greenwise organic frozen spinach and feta pizza last week. 🙂 $1.99 is a great price for organic salsa! It’s cheaper than TJ. Be aware that some prices sound AMAZING until you realize how small the package is. 😦 I was stoked to see organic cheese sticks for $2.99 until I realized it was only a 6 oz. bag. 😦 UPDATE: This is actually a better deal than Trader Joe’s. TJ sells organic string cheese for $4.99 for a 9 oz. bag (making each cheese stick $0.55 each). Aldi’s are $0.50 each. 🙂


I have heard from others that Aldi has some nitrate free meats. I need to look into those. I haven’t checked them out yet. 🙂 Just remember to look at sizes. The $2.49 for organic fruit preserves sounds fantastic until you notice it’s only 10.2 oz. It’s not terrible but the organic fruit preserves at Trader Joe’s are $3.29-$3.49 for 15.2 oz. I buy the organic grape jelly at TJ for $2.69 and it’s a 17 oz jar!!

If you have anything to add please post a comment! Would love to hear if you have tried any of these items and what you think of them. Or if you know of any other great prices. I bought a 1 pound bag of dry roasted pistachios at Aldi the other day for $5.99 (they were not organic) and they were AMAZING. We ate the whole bag in just a few days. 🙂

Hope this post was helpful and encourages you to get out to Aldi to see what you can find.

UPDATE 1/19:

Spent $45 on this stuff from Aldi to try out.

Spent $45 on this stuff from Aldi to try out.

We recently made a trip to Aldi to grab a few things to try out. The pizzas you see pictured were $3.49 each but we did not like them. :/ They did not taste very good and we won’t be getting them again. We all love the blueberry preserves! The nitrite free black forest ham ($2.99) and breakfast sausage (also $2.99) were very good. I’m not a big bacon fan, but my hubby loved the uncured bacon. The animal cookies were OK, but the Honey Teddy Grahams were YUMMY (not healthy, but yummy). The salsa is good and at $1.99 a jar for organic salsa, you can’t beat that price. Hope this was helpful.

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