I’m back; where I’ve been; and Earth Fare’s mobile coupons are awesome!

Hi! I’m back! Sorry I’ve been gone so long!! I realize my last post was at the beginning of July. Well, on July 12 we closed on our first house! YAY!!! After living in apartments for the past 5-6 years I can not tell you how wonderful it is to not have someone living above us or below us. It’s like a dream come true and I still get excited when we pull into our driveway. It’s a small house but fits our family perfectly and with all the student loans we are trying to pay off (well the payments start next month) it’s what was in our budget.

Our cute little house

Our cute little house


So July was crazy. We painted all 3 bedrooms and the kitchen/dining room (including ceilings and trim), several doors, etc. We ripped up all the carpet in the bedrooms (the only carpet in the house) and had all new carpet put in (good-bye stinky dog pee smell!). And during August we did more work on the house and unpacked all our stuff, hung things on walls, etc. In September my sweet hubby turned 30 so I threw him a big 30th birthday party (which was also a housewarming party). We had almost 30 people over! Then this week my daughter turned 3 so her big Owl themed birthday party was last weekend. So in between packing, moving, painting, planning parties, trips to the apple orchard, pumpkin patch, local zoo, the state fair, etc. it’s been hard to find time to sit and write-up a blog post. But let me tell you that I have had many ideas swirling around in my head.

Ok time for some serious honesty. When we were moving we were TERRIBLE about food. For 2 weeks we had 2 places of residence. We closed on our house July 12 but didn’t move out of our apartment til July 27. So going back and forth wasn’t easy and we literally had no time to cook during those 2 weeks. Let’s just say we kept Taco Bell in business those 2 weeks. UGH! I’m embarrassed to say that we ate mostly fast food during that time. I don’t think I even did any grocery shopping.

Needless to say, we were SO excited when we finally moved in and could fill up the fridge with real food and could start cooking at home. Things REALLY got awesome when we got our very first (charcoal) grill/smoker and my hubby has been going to TOWN grilling things. He’s in heaven. Let me also add that we got that $80-$90 grill on clearance for $35. SCORE!

The appliances in our house were older. And it JUST so happened that my parents were celebrating their 30th anniversary the month before we bought our house and they were replacing all their white appliances with stainless steel ones. So guess who got their perfectly fine white fridge and smooth top stove? US! Just one more added blessing I had to share (since you know how I LOVE good deals and you can’t beat free appliances!).

So now that there are no more parties for a while (although we are planning to host the family Thanksgiving at our house this year since hubby gets Thanksgiving off!) I should have time to write more blog posts. Let me know if there is anything specific you would like covered.

For now I’d like to post about some ways to save on organic/healthier items. Since we now have a mortgage to pay, student loan payments coming due next month, and having a house has so many costs involved (can you believe it’s going to cost us about $300 to have our garage door springs fixed?!) we still look for good deals. And I’ve gotten some pretty amazing deals over the past 3 months.

Remember my post about Earth Fare? I reminded you to sign up for their Tomato Bank. Well Earth Fare recently came out with a mobile app called Get Deals. If you have a smart phone you need to RUN to your phone to download it. I’ve only had the app for less than 2 weeks but they have some GREAT deals on there. Over the past week or so they have been having “Dollar Days” where you can get all kinds of things for $1! What a steal. I haven’t had good success using manufacturer coupons at Earth Fare. They once told me if it’s a smart source coupon (printable or not) they won’t take it. They look for the S with a circle around it on the coupon. So I only use their store coupons there (to avoid the headache). In fact, we went to Earth Fare this morning so let me show you some of the things I got with their mobile coupons from their new app.

I got everything you see here for $9.36! Almond milk for $1??!! Yes, please!

I got everything you see here for $9.36! Almond milk for $1??!! Yes, please!

Had I paid the retail price for this stuff (ie not used the dollar deal mobile coupons) it would have been $25.90!! Seriously! $25.90. I mean just the organic apples (Gala are my favorite!!) and blueberries would have been $7.30! All you do is show your phone to the cashier and let them type in the code for each deal. Super easy (as long as your phone doesn’t die). And boy did the couponer in me LOVE that I saved more than I spent. 🙂

You might be saying “Um what kind of meal are you going to make with organic mustard, frozen waffles and organic pretzel sticks?” Well, nothing. But that is going to free up money for other things (like organic squash and zucchini. which we had today for lunch. YUM!).

One last thing about saving at Earth Fare. They also have coupons you can receive by text message. You just have to text EAT to 71700. I believe you get a $5 off $25 coupon when you sign up (don’t quote me but that’s what I got when I signed up). Hope that’s helpful!

Anyone had any great savings lately on organic food?


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