Whole Foods Body Care Deal

Yesterday Whole Foods had an early bird special where they offered 30% off everything in their body care department. They only passed out the coupons until 1pm and you had until 4pm to redeem it. Of course you know how I love a good deal….so naturally I was there for my discount. 🙂 The coupon could also be combined with store and manufacturer coupons and the 30% off came off before any other discounts.

The coupon

The coupon

I wanted to try out a few new products because I’m looking to replace all of our chemical-filled body care products one by one over time and also because I plan on doing product reviews here on my blog. 🙂

Whole Foods prices really aren’t *that* bad. The body care products at Earth Fare and Garner’s (where I spent time checking prices the other day) seem more expensive overall. Just know that you still have to read labels. I noticed that most of the Whole Foods 365 brand products contain sodium benzoate unfortunately. 😦 Several items I got today (tooth paste, body lotion, shampoo, and conditioner) have potassium sorbate. I’m still researching that one but it appears to be a safer preservative.

Here is what I bought at Whole Foods today:

Body care products from Whole Foods

Body care products from Whole Foods

The total of these products before coupons was $53.67 and after coupons the cost was $34.07! I saved almost $20! $16.10 was saved just from the 30% off coupon.

There is one last thing I wanted to add that I forgot to mention in my previous post about Whole Foods. If you have kids you need to sign up for the free kids club! Just ask the person at the desk near the door (produce side) and they will give you a card to fill out with your child’s name and birthday. Every time you come to the store your kids get to pick out something for FREE from the little red wagon. This is wonderful because it keeps them quiet for about 4.3 minutes. 🙂 They also get a special treat on or around their birthday. (I heard that it may be free gelato).

The kids club wagon

The kids club wagon

This Friday, May 3, Whole Foods is having a one-day-sale for pasture raised whole chickens from Georgia for $3.99/lb. Don’t miss it! 🙂

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