The Lowdown on Earth Fare

So I’m sure you’re dying to find out what awesome deals I got at Earth Fare the other day. (haha!) I went for two reasons. I wanted to check some prices to compare with other health food stores and I also I had a couple of coupons I wanted to use. My husband and I had a date night Friday night and went to Whole Foods (without the kids!!!) so I checked some prices there as well. I’m also going to check prices at The Fresh Market too very soon. By the way, The Fresh Market has buy one get one free lobster tails every Friday in April. They are $12.99 (so you’ll get 2 for $12.99). Also they will have $2.99/lb. chicken and ground beef every Tuesday in April.

So remember how I told you that Trader Joe’s does not have store coupons (they do take manufacturer coupons for national brand items)? Well, Earth Fare takes coupons. And they have really good store coupons that they send to you if you sign up for their emails! They also have a rewards system called Tomato Bank. You sign up online and all you do is enter your phone number at check-out. You get $1 off your order for every 100 points you accumulate. When you sign up for Tomato Bank (here’s the link: ) you get 100 points (FREE $1 off!). Back in January they were giving away 1,000 points for signing up ($10 off your purchase!) but I was crazy and not shopping at Earth Fare back then so I didn’t sign up (still kicking myself).

Earth Fare also has coupon booklets in their store and they have printable ones on their website. It’s a good thing that Earth Fare has coupons because their regular prices (except for eggs) are about double to triple what Trader Joe’s prices are. (In fact, several things are even more expensive than Whole Foods!) However, they do have more choices than TJ’s. And their meat is all fresh (in a meat case) and not prepackaged. They sell Happy Cow milk ($5/gal) and butter there in case you’re interested. They also sell local honey (Bee Well, which is located in Pickens, SC).

One of the coupons I used at Earth Fare was a coupon for $1/lb whole chicken (normally $2.29/lb). This is a fantastic price! It’s not organic, but it’s antibiotic/hormone free and vegetarian fed. The store had a limit of one chicken per coupon. We found a 5 lb chicken and got it for $5 (normally $11.50!). You can print the coupon on their website if you’re interested and the coupon is good til today, April 14.

There is also a coupon for 5 organic items for $5. My mom forwarded me the email because I did not receive it personally. This coupon makes for a FANTASTIC DEAL. You get organic jelly, organic peanut butter, organic apple sauce, organic crackers, and organic cookies all for $5 total! Just the peanut butter alone was $5 regular price! In fact, I added up the cost of those 5 items and it would have cost $19.32 without the coupon.

We grabbed a few other random things on our trip that are not in the picture (like all natural, chemical-free gum and BBQ sauce without caramel color) but we got everything you see in this picture for $10. I had $1 off my total purchase for signing up for Tomato Bank and I left with 65 more points (you get points for bringing reusable bags etc.)

All this for $10 with coupons (my good friend was smart and signed up for Tomato Bank when they were giving away the free $10 and she went and got all these things for FREE!)

All this for $10 with coupons (my good friend was smart and signed up for Tomato Bank when they were giving away the free $10 and she went and got all these things for FREE!)

I ended up spending $22 total but I also saved $22. The couponer inside me was very excited about that because most everything was organic and things that I feel comfortable giving to my kids (keeping the cookies and crackers in moderation, of course). So you see, it’s still possible to shop at health stores and save money! (You can’t even get conventional peanut butter with trans fat from a regular store for $1).
I love the philosophy of Earth Fare:

Good Philosophy (wish it contained a guarantee of non-GMOs).

Good Philosophy (wish it contained a guarantee of non-GMOs).

Just keep in mind that the prices (without sales and coupons) are a little steep on some items at Earth Fare. For example, a 4 pack of organic apple sauce at Trader Joe’s is $1.99; at Earth Fare it’s $3.48. Organic Mayo is $3.49 at Trader Joe’s. At Earth Fare it’s $6.49. Organic grass fed beef at Trader Joe’s is $6.49/lb. Grass fed beef (not organic) at Earth Fare is $7.99/lb.

16 oz. Almond Butter from Trader Joe's: $5.99

16 oz. Almond Butter from Trader Joe’s: $5.99

16 oz. Almond Butter from Earth Fare: $12.49

16 oz. Almond Butter from Earth Fare: $12.49

So just watch prices and sign up for Earth Fare’s emails so you can grab some awesome deals!

Baby Step: Keep my eyes open for Earth Fare coupons that make fantastic deals on organic items.

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