Out with the Old and In with the New

In my last post I showed you what I got rid of from my fridge/pantry/cabinets. Today I want to show you what I bought at Trader Joe’s and tell you why I LOVE Trader Joe’s.

When I went to Trader Joe’s I wasn’t looking to replace every single item I threw out. I did want to replace a few things but I wanted to also document prices. I ended up taking a ton of pictures so I could remember later how much things were. We plan to go back and get a few more things soon.

Here is what I got at Trader Joe’s:

Trader Joe's trip

Trader Joe’s trip

Everything you see here cost about $70. Ouch. That’s about triple what I would spend on these items from a regular grocery store (with sales and coupons). However, after my trip to Earth Fare tonight I realized that Trader Joe’s has some pretty good prices. A lot of what you see here is organic.

My kids were SO excited to get new pickles and boy are they good! No nasty chemicals or food colors! And they taste pretty close to my grandma’s home canned pickles.

Here are a few random prices: The cage free eggs are $2.79 (the organic eggs are $3.99). The organic yogurt (4 pack) is $1.99. The 100% grass fed organic ground beef (85/15) is $6.49/lb. (we had it tonight and it’s yummy!). Almond Milk is $2.99 at Trader Joe’s and does not contain Carrageenan (like the Blue Diamond brand). The canned beans are $1.19 a can.

Let me also add that my husband and I love chips and salsa. We buy the baked chips and we tried the Trader Joe’s Cowboy Caviar for the first time the other day. Oh.my.word. If you have not had this stuff you need to run fly to Trader Joe’s as fast as you can and buy some. And it’s only $2.49 a jar.

One reason (well, actually several reasons) I love Trader Joe’s is that they guarantee that their Trader Joe’s private label items contain:

√ NO artificial flavors or preservatives
√ NO synthetic colors
√ NO genetically modified ingredients
√ NO partially hydrogenated oils (artificial trans-fats)
√ NO “marketing” costs

Be aware that you do still have to read labels at Trader Joe’s. TJ guarantees NO MSG in their food; however, I found several things the other day (frozen food) with MSG under a different name (autolyzed yeast extract). So just be careful. All their BBQ sauces and some salad dressings contained Caramel Color (why?!). Thankfully I found some salad dressing without caramel color (yes, I know you can make your own at home). And I also found some BBQ sauce at Earth Fare that did not contain caramel color.

My next post will be about the awesome deals I got at Earth Fare and I will be doing a few price comparisons.

Baby Step: Start buying basic food items at Trader Joe’s and continue to read labels.

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